About PSD


PSD is a land development company in Ramsey, Minnesota. We develop raw land, construct commercial buildings, and lease commercial space in the various buildings PSD owns.

Currently our portfolio includes:

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE | PSD is developing professional and commercial sites: Class A and Class B office space, tailor-fit to your specific business needs.

MULTI-FAMILY UNITS | PSD has completed and continues to develop multi-family units: apartments complexes. We have a number of buildings located throughout Minnesota.

SINGLE FAMILY HOMES | PSD is also developing residential property by building single-family homes in select markets.


REAL people. Real stories.


Business Hall of Fame Inducted in 2006

“We’re not trying to win architectural awards, but we bring through quality in the materials we use, and we carry it through [the building] to make sure it’s first class.”

2012 BEST IN REAL ESTATE The Davis Group

where we are

7533 Sunwood Drive Suite 315 Ramsey, MN 55303